Huaijun Wen.jpg


You and I


Cyanotype prints

32 x 30 inches

Artist Biography 

Born and raised in China, Huaijun Wen is an MFA student majoring in documentary media at Ryerson University. Huaijun Wen is a Chinese Canadian artist who specializes in fine art photography. His work is primarily figurative and carries a specific focus on plant life. He has participated in multiple gallery group shows both locally and internationally. Among these exhibitions, he has notably shown his work at the Culture House Laikku in Finland, Gallery 1313 in Toronto, and at the Shandong University in Weihai, China.

Wen is currently studying for a MFA degree at Ryerson University, majoring in documentary media. He entrusts his vision unto the sublime strength of nature. During his research and exploration, Wen passionately studies the limitless diversities of plants and our bodies. He thoroughly observes his subjects, analyze them, and presents to us in stunning visual format the intricate relationship between humans and nature. 

Believing the sublime strength of nature, Wen's practice explores diverse plants and bodies to discuss the relationship between plants and our environment.

Artist Statement

You and I is composed of twelve cyanotype prints on paper. Six of which showcase the close-up details of my houseplants that I have cared for more than two years. The other six are close-up images of my own body. All of them emphasize on the different textures and patterns on surfaces that one can see with the naked eye. Pay close attention, and you can see the similarities between the composition of my skin and the skin of my plants. By using cyanotype to unify colour and tone, these twelve images are placed tightly together without a gap. This is a way to articulate the closeness between me and these stoic companions.