Summer at the Market 1


Archival Inkjet Print photograph mounted on dibond

13 x 26 inches


36 Jabbaz Gustavo Summer Memories 1 Photograph.jpg

I'm an emerging artist whose interest at the moment focuses on composite images. Digitally produced collages, I do them with buildings, pedestrians and sometimes even with portraits. I find a spot or a building visually appealing; I think of capturing that appeal and then extending it, amplifying it to take a significant amount of one's field of vision. My creation process is weeks long; there is the shoot, in which I shoot hundreds of photographs at a time at different times of the day. The length of time is dependent on the level of people traffic. Then the creation of the images, which takes about two weeks. I feel compelled to capture the people going about their business in the urban setting, finding beauty in the mundane while capturing that moment in time and preserving and documenting it in an unorthodox fashion.