Farhee Chundrigar.jpg


Holly's River


Acrylic on canvas

48 x 36 inches


Artist Biography 

Farhee is a multi-talented Artist and Interiors Designer based in Mississauga. A graduate of the National College of Arts (NCA) Lahore, she started her career in Canada in 2003 as a Mural Artist under the patronage of (late) Milan Yankovich of Sheridan College. Today, her passion for painting continues on canvas.  Deeply inspired by the Canadian Landscape, Farhee Chundrigar‘s paintings are a direct result of her experience with Nature. Infused by what she sees: standing by a lake, sunlight falling through the trees, feeling peaceful and translating that feeling on to canvas is what she loves about her art.

Artist Statement

This painting is about Hope and Kindness for the surreal times we are living in:  Rays of Light falling on the darkness, engulfed in greenery, in the stillness of the water. Last summer, when we finally had a little respite from the lockdown, I sat in my car and drove two hours north to Muskoka, hoping to rent a kayak and get a wholesome dose of Nature. 

However, when I reached the rental place they had none left for me to rent. Disappointed, I carried on to meet an artist friend having an outdoor art exhibition. When she heard my story, she instantly took me to her sister’s house on the river. And that’s how this painting was born. Holly offered her yellow kayak and I blissfully glided down the river. When I asked why she was being so kind, she just said “Pay it forward”.