Scanned film negatives printed on matte paper

24 x 48 inches

$200 per image

Artist Biography

Emma Juliette Sherland has used her own negative experiences as a way to start conversations about her well being. In her practice, Sherland has used printmaking and photography to transform her negative experiences into positive ones. She has used the aspects of assemblage, repetition, size, and aesthetics to find the original meaning from her subconscious. By having conversations about her negative experiences, this has propelled her to continue her practice which has now become a positive learning experience.

Artwork Statement

The concept of Collision was based upon the manipulation of nature photography, and digital editing from the use of an analog camera called a Mamiya twin lens reflex camera, as a way to utilize the dream-like quality to trick the mind into a sense of nostalgia or of the feeling of seeing things. The goal for this series has been to challenge viewers to heavily reflect on their past or assume they are seeing things while looking at these collided landscapes.