The Spire, Ruminations series.


Wood, resin, foraged plants and materials

87 x 16 inches


Artist Biography

Emily Pleasance is a neo-folk artist working in mixed-media. At the heart of Emily’s practice is the Canadian landscape. Her work plays with ideas of land, nature, place-making and identity. Emily has presented her art and academic work at numerous conferences across the country including Ryerson, Carleton, and UBC. Emily completed both her BFA in Photography (2016), and her MA in Communication and Culture (2018) at Ryerson. Her thesis work on The Canadian North was published and concluded with an art exhibition at the MLC in Toronto. Currently, Emily hosts a monthly artist hiking group that focuses on community and well-being.

Artist Statement

The Spire is apart of an ongoing series entitled “Ruminations”. This body of work speaks of our ability to form spiritual connections with landscapes of the everyday. The works are created using only locally foraged materials from road-side ditches in southern Ontario. Through careful design and thoughtful placement, this body of work aims to transform the overlooked and forgotten landscapes of our daily lives, back into the realm of the sacred. It is the idea of finding divinity in the weeds.