Emily MacLennan.jpg


Red Dumpster


Acrylic paint on board

12 x 9  inches


Artist Biography

I graduated from The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Design, where I completed a program that involved rigorous training in drawing, photography, and the study of art history. Around 2008, I began painting regularly; this kind of image-making felt very natural to me and was a great compliment to what I was doing professionally. I've devoted increasingly more of my time and effort into developing a style and direction for my art, I paint every day and have sold several works and commissions. 

Artist Statement

The predominant subject of my work is the back alleys of Little Portugal and Parkdale, an oddly peaceful and still location – sandwiched between frenetic blocks of city – where interesting and unusual colours, textures and shapes meet in unintended ways. I enjoy finding, documenting and then carefully painting a view that appeals to my sense of design, and humour, in an otherwise mundane and utilitarian part of the urban landscape.