Elayne Windsor.jpg


Beyond Orion


Mixed media collage on painted canvas

48 x 48 inches


Artist Biography

Elayne is a non-objective, collage artist from Reaboro, Ontario. 

She has been creating collages for over 30 years. Her first works were small, black and white images. Her years of exploration have led to large scale, colourful works that contain both found and purchased paper. 

Elayne is a recently retired elementary school teacher. Throughout her teaching career she pursued Art, seeing it as a valuable foundation for her teaching practice. Her Art practice helped to develop creative problem solving, perseverance, flexibility, resilience, initiative, focus and risk taking- all of which informed her teaching. 

As she approached retirement from teaching, and spurred on by friends, Elayne showed her collage work publicly for the first time in 2015. A year later she made the move to a second career in Art. She has since received several awards for her unique approach to collage. 

Artist Statement

As a collage artist my goal is to highlight the beauty of paper. My main interest is not in the image printed on the paper but rather the nature, and the inherent qualities, of the paper itself.  For "Beyond Orion", I was given a piece of vellum by a friend. I wanted to create a piece that maintained, and spoke to, the translucent nature of the paper. I worked to create a piece that is large, dark, busy, and full, but also light, airy and open. It is a message of continuous transformation.