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E. Connie Munson


Analogue Photography, Canvas Print

20 x 30 inches



With both landscape and people photography, the ambience or mood pull  me into a scene.  I want to capture that, an essence, or sense of the ephemeral, to create images with a timeless or iconic feel.   

Chasing the light and working with nature’s paintbrush, I work intuitively with available light for hand-held captures. The sensuous roll of the hills, cloudscapes, fractal patterning in trees, are components that help me discover the glorious in landscapes.  It becomes visceral for me as light plays on forms and shapes while framing shots and later when editing the composition.  

My candid portraiture is a focus on our emotional landscapes with the photographer as observer.  As people relax into who they are, moments of magnificent feeling truths can be revealed.  Most frequently my focus is of solitary figures, captured spontaneously, available light, and hand-held.            

My work includes analogue and digital pieces, with high res scans of black and white negatives and Kodachrome 64 slides for my Archival Collection. Both analogue and digital work are rendered on different strata: pigmented prints on canvas or on paper, on aluminum and acrylic.  I’m planning darkroom number six and getting used to my digital SLR and digital editing. 

Overall, I want images that are compelling for the viewer, that resonate with universal truths and connect them to the sheer beauty that surrounds us.  These intangibles in life become part of community when photography records, reflects back, and remembers what went before, who we were – those enduring images.

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