Darrell Neufeld.jpeg


Farmhouse Near Balmoral


Oil on canvas

48 x 48 inches


Artist Biography

With an eye for colour, light, patterns, textures and composition, Darrell’s art strives to expose hidden beauty in the familiar. Working in oil and inspired by the world around him, his favourite subjects include local land and seascapes and country-side scenes.  He also has a keen interest in portraiture and figurative work. A native of Niagara, Darrell majored in studio art at Brock University.  In 2019, he accepted an invitation to join the Jordan Art Gallery as a partner artist, providing a permanent place to exhibit and sell his work. 

Artist Statement

My paintings reflect a life-long interest in exploring the things around me. I am intrigued and inspired by the  effects of light and how it brings life and beauty to every day objects and scenes.  I am drawn to the familiar and strive to record, interpret and show it in a way the viewer may not have seen or experienced it before.