Moving Forward


Mixed media on canvas

20 x 20 inches


37 Sawwan Dahlia Moving Forward - Mixed Media on Canvas.jpg

I create because my emotions need to find a release and painting is the release. When creative ideas pop in my head, I find I have an urgency to release them, to put them on canvas. My feelings are my colours, my subject tells a story, but it’s never one story. Moving Forward, the artwork submitted, is based on a young woman I met, during a very low period in all our lives in 2020. With all her hidden burdens, she was moving forward, determined that no hurdles or challenges in her past or present, hold her back. Her sheer drive brought happiness to our family and inspired me to create. I wish people to see hope in this painting, this lady is turning her back on all her troubles and moving forward, towards a goal that she set her sights on. You may not see it, but she is heading there, you are following or accompanying her on the journey. Her positivity is contagious.