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Caroline M. Fremont

Study in Arrangement No 1

Acrylic with pastel on canvas

30 x 40 inches



Quiet solitude or isolation, sought or put upon. the artist works alone. 

Whistler's painting, Arrangement in Grey and Black No 1, is the simplicity that I strive to exemplfy.  His wa a painting of intellectual persuit, a study. This was not intended as a painting to honour his mother, she was but a substitute as a model.  The insertion of a dear one into the painting gave an unintended interpretaion thought to be insight into the artist and the painting.  My insertion holds volumes of thought contained within the limited shapes. Shapes that connect an separate form us. The unspoken message.  The direction of the gaze could be out beyond the canvas and isolation or contained within the shape on the wall in soloitude. The artists veiled story and a viewers own interpretation connects me to this piece.

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