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Brian Deignan

Winter Solstice

Digital Print on Fine Art Baryta

13.5 x 20 inches



All my photographs reflect my fascination with and curiosity about the world around me which, in truth, has been how I have experienced the world since I was a child. When I transitioned from film to digital I realized my preferred approach was to forgo planning and composing my shots in favor of capturing multiple and often random shots and then determining which presented me with an opportunity through processing (strictly in Lightroom, never in Photoshop) to depict and enhance what I had apparently seen in that instant. My understanding of and joy in taking pictures is really quite simple. People, places and things are what I shoot, memory, imagination and wonder are how.

“Winter Solstice” is simply another example of that approach: My partner and I were heading downtown, likely to hear some music. She was driving so I was free to shoot what caught my eye, or perhaps, what triggered a synapse in my brain.

The image brings back that fleeting moment to me, or some memory of the memory, and that is what I strive for.

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