The Void


Acrylic, oil and collage on canvas

30 x 24 inches


21 Bogdan Luca.JPG

Painting is a way of thinking in a way different from words. It is a way to not talk. I find it difficult to talk about painting but I do know that it is another language. There is a logic of images, a visual history, vocabulary and culture that, as a painter, I engage with. A picture has its own reasons as to why it works or not, why it expresses and how, and why it haunts us or reminds us of our own experiences of life.  


I create because this is a way for me to take an interior and invisible feeling and externalize it by making it manifest as an image. Once it is external, I can then gauge it against my inner feeling and adjust as needed until the two line up. This process is about getting in touch with what it means to be human and what it feels like to be alive in this world at this time. Having done it all my life, painting is now part of me, an activity that comes naturally to me and is intrinsically satisfying.


This picture reflects a kind of interiority in the context of a vast landscape. A solitary figure, recognizable and unavailable. Abstract and representational approaches co exist in this image. The highly textured nature of the painting seems to contradict its sense of illusionary space.