Bogdan Luca.jpg




Acrylic, oil and collage on canvas

59 x 45 inches


Artist Biography

Bogdan Luca is a Romanian born and Toronto based artist. His work expresses an interest in the culture of images and their role in shaping our sense of reality. By combining a background in animation and digital imaging with a studio painting practice, the artist produces composite images which begin to suggest a strange and yet to be understood relationship between the 21st century body and its environment. Bogdan teaches drawing and painting at OCAD University and Sheridan College. He has shown his work locally as well as the US and several European countries.

Artist Statement

My work addresses feelings of discomfort in a world where we are uncertain about what reality really is. Working within the discourse of painting, I reflect on the disorientation produced by exposure to overwhelming amounts of visual information. Painting has the power to speak to our current understanding of images because it sits on the threshold between the glass screen of the digital and the tactile realm of the analog. I refer to the apparent conflict between the body and its image by making paintings that simultaneously contain the two historical ambitions of the medium: creating an illusion of reality, and exposing that illusion as a fabrication.