Bob Phillips.jpg


Ice House


Watercolour monotype with Chine collé

11 x 15 inches


Artist Biography

Bob Phillips' over 40 years as a visual arts educator includes work with the Peel District School Board, the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Sheridan College/University of Toronto at Mississauga, Nipissing University, and the Art Gallery of Ontario. Bob is a life-time member of the Ontario Art Education Association, and served as that association's President and Honorary President, and is a recipient of OAEA's Ray Blackwell Excellence in Art Education Award. He is currently an art instructor, the Volunteers Co-ordinator, and was board chair and a trustee, all at Gallery Stratford. Bob maintains his artistry through printmaking, drawing, and poetry writing.

Artist Statement

This image is a watercolour monotype, incorporating Chine-collé. My attractions to watercolour painting and printmaking have coalesced in this lively approach, as have my ongoing explorations in trying to synthesize abstraction and figurative representation. It's often a surreal experience—serendipity of the image. The title was inspired by this print's cold cast, the evident liquid process, and the image's ambiguous sense of both openness and confinement, suggested by the orange slashes.