Bill Parker.jpg


Erebus and Hemera


Acrylic and latex on canvas

40 x 30 inches

$ 700

Artist Biography

I am an abstract expressionist painter. My work is inspired primarily by Willem de Kooning, Richard Diebenkorn and current artists including Reginald Sylvester II, Eddie Martinez and Joe Bradley.

I am mostly self-taught, although I have taken courses at Queen Elizabeth Park, Dundas Valley School of Art and Visual Arts Mississauga.

Artist Statement

In my art I explore the relationships between memory, emotion and sensory input.  Why do past events often leave memories and feelings that are utterly disproportionate to their original significance?  Why do some trivial events become memorable and evocative when others do not?  What is the physical connection between emotion and memory? 

These are the questions that motivate my studio practice.  The attempt to communicate the intangible in a very tangible way is endlessly challenging but, I believe, ultimately made possible by the viewers’ and the artist’s shared humanity.