Ante Benedikt Kurilić.jpg


Permanent Resident


Cast iron

80 x 24 x 19 inches


Artist Biography

Ante Benedikt Kurilić is an emerging Croatian multidisciplinary artist currently working and living in Toronto. He completed his BFA degree in the Sculpture/ Installation program from OCAD University in 2020. Ante Benedikt’s practice involves traditional approaches to figurative sculptures and uses multiple techniques and mediums. Ante Benedikt mostly works with clay, plaster, bronze, ceramics, wood, and marble. In his current work, he has explored combining traditional and contemporary digital processes, kinetic installations, various metal casting approaches in aluminum and iron materials, often mixing mediums with everyday objects. He creates composited artworks that question the impacts of human actions on their environments, exploring the identity of belonging and the absence of dreams.

Artist Statement

International students choose to study abroad for a variety of reasons. These range from the need to establish a steadier career in their home country once they graduate, the chance to study at schools with resources and facilities on campuses, to receive a prestigious degree from a Western English-speaking country, or the opportunity to immigrate and receive the benefits from living and studying in a foreign country. However, most of these international students face homesickness, loneliness, financial issues, and stress which can become barriers to their success.