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King's Cross Station


Cross Stitch - Floss on 20 count aida

15 x 15 inches


Artist Biography

Anne Nawrocka is a graduate of OCAD with a diploma in Communication and Design. She was first introduced to photography during high school years. While working in a digital format, Anne was introduced to lomography. This inspired her to go back to analogue photography and she has developed a love for this medium. Her daughter exposed her to a digital version of cross stitching, which influenced her to convert her photos to the art of real cross stitching. What started as a hobby and expression has become a passion that she is sharing with the artistic community and the public.

Artist Statement
Photography and visual art (including sketching, drawing, painting and sculpting) have been my passion since a very young age. I have always looked to capture the world around me using one medium or another, and trying to look beyond what others might see to capture something special.

Communication technology was introduced to me in high school and this introduction included SLR photography. This is when I fell in love with cameras and photography. I discovered there is way more to photography than just taking pictures. I learned that clicking the button is the easy step, that all the other steps, from picking the right camera, the proper film, the lighting and then processing ones images are all part of the intricate process involved in creating photographic art.

Photography, I have to admit, is my favourite form of visual art. It can capture images and moments that naked eye doesn’t always see. And I am often surprised at what I see in the images I capture. Analogue photography is the one style I am most passionate about, it goes way beyond what the lens sees, the film itself becomes part of the creative process. Waiting to see what has been captured on film is one of the most exciting parts of analogue photography. The development of film is like watching my art being born.

Currently I am using only analogue cameras which include a professional SLR, medium format as well as lomography cameras. I am always amazed at the different outcomes I achieve through using different equipment. I believe analogue photography can create so many unique images that it will never truly die.

While photography has been a personal passion for me, just in the past couple of years I have decided to convert it into a very time consuming medium which is a cross stitch piece. I truly hope that you will agree and I welcome your comments and impressions