Anna Wagner-Ott.jpg




Fabric, thread and acrylic paint

16 x 8 inches


Artist Biography

Anna began her formal studies in fine art at the University of Alberta. During the 80s and 90s she taught art, first at the high school level and after receiving a PhD in art education in 2000 from Penn State University, she acquired a tenured teaching position at California State University in Sacramento. She taught art education in the art department for 13 years. Throughout those teaching years she continued to create art and had numerous solo exhibitions and participated in juried/invitational shows in Canada and the USA. Since retiring in 2013, Wagner-Ott has become a full-time artist and maintains a studio in Barry’s Bay, Ontario, Canada.

Artist Statement

My textile assemblages are created on a simple wooden frame loom. The hand made look is important because I want to vary the weaving in its open and closed areas.  My focus is not about the materiality and the beauty of a weaving as a covering but about feelings when forming my sculptures.  At times the woven areas contain tight threaded segments that are stiff, dense and unyielding and then at other times the areas are open and loose so that a lot of light can penetrate through the negative spaces.  Love the symbiotic relationships between yarns, colors, patterns, textures, light and shadows. While creating my new works, I connect to the personal pain of loss and insecurity, to the covering up of truths, and to the inherent beauty of decay and fading away.