Spray paint and recycled yarn on linen

10 x 10 inches


32 Rocca,Alysha,Fancy,SprayPaintRecycledYarnOnLinen.jpeg

My name is Alysha Rocca and I am a Vaughan-born artist, who studied in Toronto at OCAD University, earning a BFA in Drawing and Painting. My creative practice involves an emphasis on textiles, while still labeling my work as paintings. They are paintings to me because I believe that materials are tools to paint with. I try to be a sustainable artist in my practice by using recycled materials or found objects. Covid-19 has impacted my practice by pushing me to use recycled materials because I was unable to go purchase new materials in-store, as the arts were deemed "nonessential." But art is ESSENTIAL, art is NOT DEAD, and art is needed to transform and rebuild our communities.

During the first lockdown of Covid-19, I asked my friends and family to donate their materials to me and I was overwhelmed by the amount of support and materials that were donated. Textiles have become a major factor in my work; I try to connect with my generational history, as my Nonna was a seamstress in Italy. I found that fabric was very forgiving and I wanted to be like fabric: fluid, forgiving, and malleable.

Most of my inspirations derive from plants, the female body, politics, and textiles. I am interested in Object Oriented Ontology because of the human connection to objects and I try to incorporate this theme in my work. I feature space through the tactile quality of my work to create an interesting combination of art in space.

The reason I create is to paint questions about us sharing nature with all living beings with all the skills I can muster. This preoccupies all my time.