Adriana Rinaldi.jpg


Tutti Frutti


Oil on canvas

24 x 24 inches

Artist Biography

I welcome all to my personal view of the world through my artistic vision. Life can be stressful and my objective is to offer a mini mental vacation while viewing my artwork. My personal challenge is to share my stories and view of the world - perhaps if I'm lucky, in a more beautiful and luscious way than real life. I do this using my own photography, my imagination, or bringing photographic elements together until I accomplish my goal.   

My subject matter is varied and includes floral (my passion and strength), seashell still life's, still life's, and waterscapes (boats and leaves on pond). I use the Old Masters style mostly, but adapted my own way. I am a member of the Canadian Glaze Oil Society whose members are devotees of the Traditional Old Masters style.   My feeling is that artwork rendered well will always stand the test of time and will be a good investment.   

I am a full time artist and paint for the pleasure it brings me and for my clients' enjoyment.  I have many artistic goals and am fascinated by the endless possibilities art brings my way.

Artist Statement

"Up Close and Personal".  I love painting clusters of "things" that I love.  I like to paint them as large a format as I dare.  I want to show every imperfection because life is not perfect. It's the imperfections that make life more interesting.   

When I decided to paint Tutti Frutti,  I wanted no visual distractions like bowls or background. In this piece, Tutti Frutti, the fruit appears to be floating in air with each fruit being the star of the show.  I see each individual fruit as it's own little masterpiece that is due it's recognition.